Parallel Parenting Benefits

The major benefits of parallel parenting are the reduction/elimination of conflict between the divorced parents. Additionally, this should reduce any conflict involving the children or witnessed by the children.

  1. Adult Focused.
  2. Parents communicate only during emergencies or matters of an urgent nature relating to the children.
  3. Parents communicate in writing (email, text, etc) or via a third-party (NOT the children).
  4. Major decisions are communicated rather than discussed (unless prohibited by a court order).
  5. Households resolve day-to-day issues independently of one another. Each parent makes decisions about the child when s/he is in their household.
  6. Parents work separately with the best interests of the child in mind (as they perceive them).
  7. Transitions may involve substantial change for the child(ren) and exchanges may be done at a neutral location.
  8. Schedule is inflexible, few/no changes are made, a court-order typically dictates the exact schedule and deviations are rare. Parents need third-party direction.
  9. Parents individually responsible for own relationship with the child and direct any issues between child and other parent back to them.
  10. Nothing is planned or discussed that would impact on the other’s parenting time.

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