What to Ask For

Within the Custody Agreements Pages, there is the sub-page for contempt-of-court which goes into detail about why and how to attempt to get sanctions for violations written right into your order.  This page will offer some examples of what we’re talking about.

Feel free to discuss your situation and work with us to explore potential violations and relevant sanctions that you could try to have written rightinto your custody order/agreement.

Obvious sanctions:

  • Reimbursement of legal fees incurred to deal with the required litigation for their contempt-of-court.
  • If you are unrepresented, reimbursement of reasonable costs associated with preparing for an attending the hearing(s) (lost time from work, payment for vacation days lost which were used for court, travel time, gas, etc.)

For custodial interference:

  • Make-Up Time.
  • Make-Up Time, PLUS extra time.

For not putting the children in a daycare facility that meets with the requirements of the order:

  • You get sole decision-making authority on the facility to be used.
  • Children are re-enrolled in the agreed upon care center immediately.

“Thinking Outside the Box”

  • A fine of not less than $500 (or the maximum the court is permitted to apply for contempt) that is to paid by the guilty parent into a college-fund-account held in the name of the child(ren) by the targeted parent. This must be done within 30-days.
  • Proof of such an account must be provided to the court.
  • Proof of the deposit into said account must be provided to the court.

The last one is especially good if you can get it into your agreement. It’s your idea. It clearly demonstrates creative thinking that is geared towards a long-term important benefit for the children. Ensure that there is a provision that requires each party to disclose the current statement to the other on a quarterly or annual basis to ensure against pilferage.

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