Our Family Wizard

Mr. Custody Coach partnership with Our Family Wizard

We’re always researching ways to help to improve your divorce and custody situation. Those improvements don’t simply end with the final divorce decree or a child custody order being filed. There are infinite ways to improve your quality of life whether your divorce animosity has settled into an amicable co-parenting arrangement with your ex-partner or remains high-conflict long after the dissolution of the marriage.

After interviewing many people who are users of Our Family Wizard, several of whom have been clients (currently or formerly), we’ve made the decision to add them here and recommend the Our Family Wizard program for use in your child custody situation.

The Our Family Wizard program offers outstanding tools to better manage your child custody situation and improve communications – even with high-conflict ex-spouses!

  • Coordinate parenting time agreements, child custody orders, and associated schedules.
  • Document agreed-upon changes to the custodial arrangements, providing objective evidence and an audit trail in the event of future disputes.
  • Update the other parent regarding children’s extracurricular activities, holidays, school projects, etc. as appropriate.
  • No-spam secure message-sending interface.
  • Private or shared journal options.
  • Document shared expenses (required by court order or otherwise) with objective evidence and an audit trail.
  • Share and update family health history, including records, immunizations, school updates, virtual file cabinet, and more as appropriate for your specific situation.

This Our Family Wizard program is so popular that it is specifically being written into child custody orders in family courts in almost every state. Judges are starting to recognize that reducing and eliminating sources of conflict is paramount for the children and to keep families out of the court room whenever possible. We absolutely believe so, too!

The Our Family Wizard program provides you so much more than basic divorce software or a cumbersome calendar with a poor user interface for divorced parents with children. It’s about as comprehensive a life management tools system for child custody as can be obtained today.

With our recommendation, please click here to give it a look and a try: Our Family Wizard

We will add other resources as we find them, review them, and conclude that they may help you.