Co-Parenting Problems

Unfortunately, the reason that families are in court in the first place is not because of their focus on cooperation and their ability to do so. Many a disagreement, even in intact households, have been about parenting styles. One parent doesn’t like the way the other handles a certain situation or situations. Why do these conflicts continue during parenting in the aftermath of divorce?

  1. Continuation of hostility that began during the marriage
  2. Differing perceptions of pre-separation child-rearing roles
  3. Differing perceptions of post-separation child-rearing roles
  4. Differing perceptions of how to parent
  5. Concern about the adequacy of the other parent’s parenting ability
  6. An unwillingness of one or both parents to accept the end of the relationship
  7. Jealousy about a new partner in the other parent’s life
  8. Contested child custody issues
  9. Personality issues/factors in one or both parents that stimulate/escalate conflict
  10. Outside interference

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