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    Whether you are just now beginning the journey through divorce, custody agreements, child support, and dealing with an ex-spouse who isn’t thrilled with you, or you’ve been dealing with these issues for years with no break, Mr Custody Coach and our team are here to help you get the most time with your children, stop […]

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image Custody Agreements

Custody agreements are the heart of a custody case, and the hardest thing to get right. A custody agreement is supposed to outline how the children will be shared between each parents home, but when you are in a high conflict relationship, if your agreement doesn’t have details, all hell can break loose.

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image False Allegations

We all wish false allegations would never happen, but unfortunately, it’s often the easiest way for a parent to throw suspicion onto the other, with very little or no proof, and have the kids taken away almost immediately. While an attorney can help you once false allegations have been made, Mr Custody Coach believes in creating boundaries in advance if you believe your ex is likely to file false allegations with either the police or CPS, in order to lower your risk.

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image Parental Alienation

While experts still disagree if parental alienation syndrome is a true medical or mental issue, most understand that parental alienation happens in a lot of custody cases. Learn how to recognize and stop parental alienation with our articles, conference calls and personal custody coaching.

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image Child Support

Child support is a much heated area in child custody, but it’s important for fair child support orders to be placed for both the children and the parents after divorce. Child support, just like child custody, can change repeatedly throughout your children’s lives, so being prepared for modification requests is imperative. Sourcing hidden income, and strategy with a custody coach can also save on attorneys fees.

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image Custody Evaluations

Custody evaluations are often ordered by the courts when custody cases are presented and an agreement cannot be reached by the parents. The custody evaluator will make a recommendation to the court on what the custody arrangement should look like after meeting with the parties, and you are then able to argue for or against the recommendation at a hearing.

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