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All About Custody Evaluations with Dr. Robert A. Evans:

Join Michael as he has a one-on-one discussion covering topics revolving around custody evaluations with Dr. Robert A. Evans, a licensed school psychologist who has a private practice in Palm Harbor, FL. This looks to be a very interesting show, so do join us live or come back and listen “on-demand” at a time that is more convenient to you.

Relationships After High-Conflict Divorce:

Join us as we discuss a variety of topics including managing your new relationship in the aftermath of a high-conflict divorce and/or custody fight, parenting, step-parenting, as well as setting and maintaining boundaries.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical difficulties with the radio show host site, there is an annoying clicking sound over the first 8:49 of the hour-long show.  We were knocked off of the air for about 15-seconds before corrections were made and the final hour of the show continues without any problems.  Good show, so do listen!

Low Contact: Why and How to Implement:

Join us as we discuss what low contact is, how it will benefit your family and how you go about implementing low contact in your current custody situation.

Choosing A Custody/Divorce Lawyer With Expert Bill Eddy:

Bill Eddy, author of Splitting, High Conflict People In Legal Disputes, and many other titles dealing with high conflict personalities, joins us to discuss what you need to look for when choosing an attorney, especially if you are engaged in a high conflict battle. Mr. Eddy will also be discussing the recent launch of New Ways For Families and his upcoming book.

Domestic Violence With Expert Jan Brown:

Join us as we discuss how Domestic Violence affects men and women with expert Jan Brown from the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women. We will highlight sources that are available to both men and women, and recent domestic violence law changes in West Virginia that have found resources to be unfairly geared towards only women while providing no benefits for battered men and their children.

Dirty Tricks Used in Custody Battles:

This program will discuss some of the dirty tricks used in custody battles that many have experienced. Live chat will be open and, time permitting, phone calls will be taken so that you may share your experiences and/or ask questions on the topic.

Custody Agreement Do’s and Don’ts:

After divorce, a family must decide custody of any children involved, or the courts will determine how custody is split. Whether shared parenting or a primary parenting plan is implemented, the custody agreement can create as many problems as it solves. Join us as we discuss what you need to think about when writing a custody agreement to minimize issues and avoid heading back to court to solve problems.

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