Reese Witherspoon continues her whirlwind tour of the world in support of making every aware of domestic violence.  The only problem with her efforts is that she leaves out an entire gender of victims (men and boys) while at the same time ignoring an entire gender of offenders (women and girls).

From the article:

“We are talking about everyone’s lives are touched by this issue, whether it be our children, or our mothers or our sisters. So many women. The most important thing I can do here today is start this dialogue that we’re having,” Witherspoon, 33, told the show GMTV.

What about the hundreds of thousands of men and boys (and that’s counting only those who would dare risk reporting it)?

We’ve written at length about Domestic Violence here at Mr. Custody Coach. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Jan Brown, Founder and Executive Director of the Domestic Violence Helpline for Men and Women (you can listen to our interview with Jan on-demand by clicking on our Radio Show Page).

The fact is, we deplore domestic violence, spousal abuse, and child abuse.  The problem we have in our society is our failure to acknowledge the true realities of domestic violence.  These realities include the fact that many peer reviewed studies numbering into the hundreds are now showing the truth – women are equally as likely to initiate domestic violence as men.  They’re more likely to use a weapon.  Yes, they are also more likely to suffer more damage due to size differences.

It’s a shame that someone with the clout and recognition of Reese Witherspoon serves as a puppet for those who would have the world believe that only women and girls are victims while men and boys are predatory perpetrators.  She’ll walk out before groups of decision makers who will fall all over themselves fawning at the innocent look that is Reese Witherspoon as she tearfully and dramatically puts on a show to influence their legislation as she recently did in the United Kingdom.  Part of the show is parroting the some of the most popular domestic violence myths and ignores the alarming realities.

Reese Witherspoon and her behind-the-scenes supporters are doing society a disservice by ignoring male victims and at the same time ignoring female perpetrators.  So, too, are those who sit there slack-jawed and listen to her because she’s an actress.

The world needs more people like Jan Brown and those who work for her.  Those who are willing to openly discuss and, more importantly, aid victims of domestic violence with a blind-eye towards gender.  Domestic violence discriminates against neither gender as perpetrators or victims.  It’s a shame that Reese Witherspoon’s concerns are only extended to women and girls.  Too bad for the male victims.  Status-quo.

Still, we’re happy that the truth about these situations are starting to come more into the mainstream consciousness and will continue to do our part in that regard.

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