Mr. Custody Coach will periodically arrange special guest speakers for teleconferences covering the myriad of subjects we so often write about within our members pages and on our public blog. Those topics may include parental alienation, child custody, false allegations, child support, child custody evaluations, among others. We will strive to cover the many topics we often encounter during divorce child custody matters.

Much like our successful Mr. Custody Coach radio shows, the Mr. Custody Coach teleconferences will delve even more deeply into the subject matter, and generally be of greater length.

Expect us to bring more valuable information and guidance via teleconferences in order to help you to better manage your own specific situation.  When scheduled, you can register to listen-in live and/or download the recorded teleconference shortly after its conclusion to listen at a more convenient time for you.

Parental Alienation Teleconference

Parental alienation is rather common during high-conflict child custody litigation.  When a malicious parent chooses to put the children into the middle of the conflicts between them and the targeted parent, a child is placed into circumstances where they feel the need to choose between the parents.  It is a devastating situation for kids during child custody fights.

Listen to Michael, Lexi, and their special guest expert discuss parental alienation; the signs of parental alienation on the part of the alienating parent, the signs of parental alienation in the children, and ways to fight against parental alienation destroying the relationship between you and your children.  (More info…)

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