Starting this week, I will be writing a column along with Lee Block of The Post-Divorce Chronicles website and blog.  We are collaborating on a new, weekly column which is called Post-Divorce Points of View.

Lee has been discussing divorce and child custody matters via her website, blog, and books.  Lee Block is a mother of two who has managed to create from her real life experiences – a successful online business as a post-divorce consultant.

Though Lee’s primary focus has been sharing her divorce and child custody story from the divorced mother’s perspective, she sought something more. That something more resulted in the idea to add a divorced father’s perspective right there alongside her own so that readers could see how things happen for each side of a divorce situation. I agreed that it was a fine idea and so the column is born.

Our new column offers readers our points of view, but more importantly it offers you a chance to give your own point of view, share your experiences, or simply comment on what one or both of us have written. Post-Divorce Point of View will appear each week on Friday at The Post-Divorce Chronicles website. With few exceptions, we’ll roll out a new topic of each week for your consideration and contributions.   We sincerely hope to give you some things to consider from a point of view you might have failed to consider or don’t quite understand.  It happens when we’re so wrapped up in what’s happening in “our world” – little else often matters.  Perhaps our joint effort will break through that barrier and open up everyone’s minds.

Thank you for reading.  Please feel free to contribute fairly, honestly, and openly to our discussions via the comments area at the end of each post.  Maybe we’ll be able to help you navigate your way through divorce and child custody in a better way.