We work together with Lee Block of The Post-Divorce Chronicles website sharing our individual perspectives and give some consideration to what the other side experiences and sees on any given situation after a divorce.  Mine, that of the divorced father of two children.  Lee’s, that of the divorce mother of two.  You – your specific circumstances and associated views which we encourage you to contribute via the comments section.  Our post-divorce topic this week covers step-parents and step-parenting.

An excerpt:

I don’t envy the role of the step-parent in many situations. It’s a particularly unenviable position for those who are the new spouse of a partner with a high-conflict ex. No surprise there. I can think of no familial role that a person can have that is susceptible to more judgment, more suspicion, more second-guessing, much love and greater potential for heartbreak. The step-parent is sometime right there in the family trenches and then sometimes powerlessly on the outside looking in.  (More…)

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