The Family Violence Prevention Service Act was introduced in 1984 and expired in 2008.  It is currently up for reauthorization in a bill sponsored by D-Gwen Moore of Wisconsin and co-sponsored by countless others is as dangerous and damaging as the Violence Against Women’s Act to families and society.

“Why?” (You may ask?).  These very costly and expensive provisions within our federal government and our laws serve to funnel billions of dollars to feminist organization to serve and protect only one gender – females.  Aside from the fact that these laws are indeed an overt violation of the United States Constitution (14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause) – these laws are ineffective, discriminatory, and clearly make the following implications:

  1. Males are always perpetrators of domestic violence, females are always victims.
  2. Males should be feared as violent, females should not.
  3. Females are not violent and do not commit domestic violence.
  4. Males are not entitled to help as victims of domestic violence.

Despite utilizing gender-neutral language, the application of these laws is anything but.  This legislation and other laws are backed by incredibly powerful feminist organizations who continue to benefit financially from the massive amounts of federal funding that are handed out for these “women’s only” initiatives.  They have a significant vested interest in the reauthorization of legislation like the Family Violence Prevention Services Act HR 4116.  The disdain that these organizations and individuals have towards males is not hidden.  It’s overt and it’s in-your-face, and our legislators have repeatedly made poor decisions on such matters that affect males and females alike.

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate based upon gender.  Domestic violence laws do!  They will continue to discriminate and not make available equally to male victims of domestic violence and their families – money, shelters, legal aid, resources, and many other initiatives that are now almost exclusively made available to females only, despite the gender-neutral language in the legislation.  The distribution of resources is done illegally and in violation of the United States Constitution.

If you truly care about all victims of domestic violence and their families, it is imperative that you vehemently oppose the reauthorization of the Family Violence Prevention Services Act (HR 4116) unless there are dramatic changes to how the funding and resources are made available.  They should be made available to all people regardless of gender.  There should be accountability.  There should be oversight.  There should be proven effectiveness of such programs and shelters in order for funding to be allocated.  All of those features are non-existent under past and current laws.

If you truly believe in gender equality and the protection of all victims of domestic violence and the allocation of your tax dollars to aid all victims, regardless of gender, please complete the following letter and send it to your legislators.  Oppose the Family Violence Prevention Services Act (HR 4116) until males and their families are truthfully and sincerely included.

To find out how to contact your legislator via phone, fax, email, or mailing address, please click here:  Find My Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives and send them this letter:


Dear Representative _____________________:

I am a constituent of yours, and I am writing today to urge you not to support Congresswoman Gwen Moore’s legislation – the reauthorization of the Family Violence Prevention Services Act.

I strongly oppose her legislative efforts regarding victims of domestic violence because they are rooted in discriminatory tactics that has been proven to exclude male victims of domestic violence and their families since its origination in 1984. While our tax dollars for such efforts have been exclusively spent to provide a wealth of resources, shelters, aid, and other help for women and their families – almost none have been allocated to help male victims of domestic violence and their children flee the tyranny and abuse of a female perpetrator.

While I agree, as I am sure you do, that we must end domestic violence and do everything possible to help victims recover, we must also ensure that funding and resources are allocated to all people equally and regardless of gender. While the need for domestic violence resources is always an issue – the need for resources for males victims is so much greater as currently virtually none exist throughout our entire country. While there are an overwhelming number of shelters for women who need assistance, it is astounding to me that fewer than a dozen exist in this entire country to help men and their families escape from violent women.  Imagine the helplessness they must feel for themselves and their children.

As such, fathers and their children are often only left with one choice – to remain in a household with an abusive partner. No one wants to send anyone, especially children; right back into the hands of abusive partners. However, the total lack of aid and resources for fathers and children does just that. This must change.

The bottom line is that legislation such as HR 4116 Family Violence Prevention Services Act – as it was previously administered – is woefully inadequate for helping all victims of domestic violence. Until such legislation no longer discriminates according to gender, I urge you to oppose it.

Your Constituent