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Custody Agreements E-Book

Rather than walk into an attorney’s office and spend very expensive legal fees coming up with a comprehensive plan over many hours totaling $1,000 or more – create a draft custody agreement on your own.  When you walk into your attorney’s office armed with a draft parenting plan, you will spend a lot less time (and money) creating your plan and spend your money on what’s more important – the implementation of your plan and child custody strategy.

Our Custody Agreement eBook is extremely detailed.  It will prompt you to consider situations that might normally slip your mind during the process.  It will help you to minimize potential conflict areas.  It will help you to reduce communication problems.   It recommends ways to reduce and eliminate loopholes that are caused by boilerplate child custody agreement language.  Those loopholes are often exploited by a high-conflict ex-spouse which results in many expensive return trips to court for modifications.  When the time comes, you’re likely to face lengthy, high-conflict court battles for the right to an ongoing, meaningful parent-child relationship.  Be prepared.  (More info…)

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