One of the hardest things to stop, and to prove to courts, is parental alienation. Parental alienation is the act of one parent convincing the children that the other parent is bad or out to harm them, without provocation or actual events that the other parent has committed.

Parental alienation can be as simple as a Mother telling her child to ask her Father for new shoes because “I can’t afford them,” implying to the child that her Father is keeping money from her Mother, to more serious issues like a Mother telling her children that their Father plans on kidnapping them when he takes them to Disney World. While both Mothers and Fathers are capable of parental alienation, it is more often done by the parent that has primary custody, so Fathers are at more risk of being alienated from their children since Mothers are primary custodians in 85% of custody cases. No matter who commits the alienation, it’s wrong, and has a significant impact on the children who are denied a loving relationship with a parent.

Mr Custody Coach helps parents recognize and combat signs of parental alienation by recognizing how and why parental alienation takes place, and formulating plans to show the children and courts how the family is being affected. Read our articles on Parental Alienation on the blog and listen to our 3 hour recorded conference call on how to recognize and combat parental alienation.