You are being denied visitation

Often the easiest way to get back at an ex for perceived wrongs, is to deny them the right to see their children. Unfortunately in today's legal world, authorities rarely punish someone that denies visitation, even when it's been court ordered. Mr Custody Coach can help you create a custody agreement that discourages withholding visitation, and help you document contempt of court orders so you can win child custody and get the proper punishment for your ex for interfering with your custody time.


Your child is being alienated against you

When a parent can't prevent visitation, the next best thing is to make a child hate their parent so they don't want to go at all and can tell the court they don't want to see you. Mr Custody Coach can help you recognize alienation, give you a solid plan for helping your child see the truth without destroying them or the other parent, and help you document alienation attempts for use in court to win custody of your child. Parental alienation is a serious issue that can affect your child's long term health.


You fear, or have been falsely accused

One of the dirtiest tricks in custody cases is filing false allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or sexual abuse. Parents can walk into a court room and request a restraining order that will not only kick you out of your own home, but deny you the right to see your children, all with no proof, and you don't even get the chance to defend yourself until an order has already been written. Mr Custody Coach can help you detect warning signs that false allegations may come in the future, or help you fight current charges. All too often we hear clients say "I never thought s/he would do that." You MUST be prepared!


You are being harassed by your ex

Do you fear opening your email or answering your phone? Tired of hearing what an awful parent you are, how you should just stay out of your child's life? Harassment by an ex can be damaging to your mental health, especially when you think you MUST talk to them in order to see your children! Mr Custody Coach can show you how to limit contact while still making sure you are there for your children. A high conflict ex loves to try to get you to engage with them, but you don't have to get caught up in the cycle. Go low contact today!


Your custody issues are affecting your new relationship

Moving on and finding a loving partner for not only yourself, but your children, can be extremely difficult with a high conflict ex that will stop at nothing to destroy your life. Mr Custody Coach can help you set appropriate boundaries so your relationship can grow. Almost 50% of our members are step-moms that just want the madness to end for their loving husbands.



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After several hours of phone coaching my husband was able to feel in control in the court room. He felt like he was entitled to what he was asking for, and that he deserved to see his kids finally. That was huge for him. Thank you so much! Slippits


Your coaching saved my marriage! My husband's ex wife continually wreaked havoc on our lives until we found you. Thanks! April


Now I can sleep at night and my husband and I aren't constantly at each other's throats, stressed out from trying to reason with a woman who cannot be reasoned with! Kou