Gold Membership - Guidance Through Custody and Support Issues

Articles and personal help on the topics of Custody Evaluations, Custody Agreements, Child Support, Restraining Orders, False Allegations, Parental Alienation, Co-Parenting, Parallel Parenting, Child Protective Services, Domestic Violence, Contempt of Court, and Communication. No matter where you are in the custody/divorce cycle, you will find helpful information on preventing and dealing with custody issues.


Gold Membership - Private Member Only Message Boards

The private message boards allow members to get specific help while shielding personal information from the public. Because the message boards are private members can discuss specific custody statutes, and personal info so you can receive the best information regarding your specific situation.


Gold Membership - Member Conference Calls and Ebooks

Each month we hold conference calls to discuss custody topics such as parental alienation, or false allegations, so you can ask experts questions and get feedback from the Mr Custody Coach team and other members. Also included in every membership is access to all of our ebooks at no additional cost.


Platinum Membership - Private Email Coaching

In addition to the membership benefits discussed above, platinum members have direct email access to their private Custody Coach for help reviewing documentation, creating custody agreements, and dealing with communication. Private email help can take away the stress of having to deal with your ex on your own.


Platinum Premier Membership - Private Phone Coaching

In addition to the membership benefits discussed above, platinum premier members have 2 hours of phone calls with their Custody Coach each month to help prepare for custody issues, deal with communication problems, and cope with the stress of a high conflict custody situation.



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Platinum Membership - $299.95/year

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After several hours of phone coaching my husband was able to feel in control in the court room. He felt like he was entitled to what he was asking for, and that he deserved to see his kids finally. That was huge for him. Thank you so much! Slippits


Your coaching saved my marriage! My husband's ex wife continually wreaked havoc on our lives until we found you. Thanks! April


Now I can sleep at night and my husband and I aren't constantly at each other's throats, stressed out from trying to reason with a woman who cannot be reasoned with! Kou