Sarah Stokes, loosely termed “star” of MTV’s Making the Band 2, was arrested after stabbing her husband, Tony, several times in full view of their three children.

Another in a long line of cases that are potentially destined for the “Female Sentencing Discount” file, we read this in the article:

Stokes was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. The D.A. is deciding whether to charge the singer.

In what world would a man stab his wife 3 times in full view of the children and receive such delicate consideration from the District Attorney’s Office?  In what world is NOT charging her, jailing her, and prosecuting her to the fullest extent of the law an appropriate conclusion to this crime?

Reportedly, Sarah Stokes fell down the concrete steps of their home after an argument with her husband, injuring her face.  Her mugshot is a sight to behold.  In the aftermath of that, she falsely accused her husband of having done it.  Somehow, and in some way, Tony was able to avoid being arrested as men so often are in situations like this.  Here’s hoping that it was the children who stood up for their father after witnessing their mother repeatedly stab him in front of their very eyes.

We continue to wonder why men don’t have equal treatment and equal protection under the law when it comes to Domestic Violence issues.  The truth is out there, and men are victims hundreds of thousands of times each year (those that are reported) and are fully 1/3 of all domestic violence injures requiring medical treatment.  Yet, there are still scant few resources available for men and funding for same is nearly non-existent.

It’s not only a shame for men, it’s a shame for society.

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