8-year old Robert Manwill is missing after an unsupervised visitation with his mother, Melissa Scott Jenkins.  Police suspect the worst and have ramped-up the search following new leads apparently obtained after a search of the abusive mother’s apartment.

What’s particularly disturbing about this situation in the first place are these details from the story…

According to court records, Jenkins pleaded guilty in March to a misdemeanor charge of injury to a child following an October 2008 incident that fractured her infant son’s skull. Jenkins “did willfully inflict” the injury to her other son “by striking the child’s head on a surface, causing a fracture to the child’s skull,” on Oct. 19, 2008. She was sentenced to 29 days of work release, fined $75.50 and put on probation for two years, according to court documents.

Now, after you get over the initial sickness of reading about how this boy’s mother deliberate fractured her other infant son’s skull less than one-year ago… and after you get over the disgusting realization that she served no jail time and was fined a mere $75 for her horrendous crime against her own child…  you’re left to only speculate what circumstances or court ruling allowed for this vicious abuser to have unsupervised visits with this child when she almost killed her baby as recently as October of 2008.

His father, Charles Manwill, has had custody of the child since 2008.

Someone please explain to the world how a mother who intentionally fractures her own infant son’s skull – serves no jail time, is fined $75, and retains unsupervised visitation of a any of her children?

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