A 50-year old Naperville, Illinois woman terrorized a community by sending repeated, anonymous false accusations against several school district employees in a Naperville School District.  Her bizarre letters included:

  • False allegations that a school student was being sexually abused by her father.  The target, a teacher in the school district.
  • Sending packages containing human excrement and used condoms.
  • False allegations that the daughter of a school administrator was involved in a hit-and-run collision.
  • False allegations that a swim team instructor promised to swim naked with team members if they did well at a swim meet.

These are just a few of many disturbing contacts that Rita Mueller made to school district employees and newspapers, among others.  The sexual abuse allegations led to a Department of Children and Youth Services investigation which cleared the falsely accused father.  The hit-and-run false allegation led to a police investigation as well.

From the article:

“Rita Mueller is going to prison because of her reckless disregard for the reputations of both adults and children,” State’s Attorney Glasgow said. “Her false allegations were sinister and depraved. These are the kinds of accusations that can ruin careers and lives.”

The 30-month sentence was 6-months less than the maximum allowed for her crimes against the community.  The motivation for her crimes was Mueller’s believe that her own daughter was treated unfairly in school.

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