In what will surely be a heap of trouble for Louisville College Basketball Coach, Rick Pitino, comes another high-profile target of an apparent false rape allegation coming from a criminal desperate to wiggle out of her own mess.

The details that are known are sordid and bizarre all at once.  Apparently, Rick Pitino picked up Karen Sypher at a bar and they eventually had consensual sex.  A mere two-weeks later, Sypher contacted Pitino informing him that she was pregnant.  Nevermind that 2-weeks is quite a bit early to be calling out Pitino as the father.  Well, he is a high-value target for an extortion attempt, so maybe not.

As time and trouble would have it, Sypher would attempt, multiple times to extort money from Pitino.

From the article:

A federal grand jury indicted Karen Cunagin Sypher Tuesday. Sypher is the estranged wife of Louisville equipment manager Tim Sypher.

Faced with an indictment for her multiple extortion attempts on Pitino, the story suddenly changed to one of an allegation of rape against Pitino, which prosecutors refused to pursue for obvious reasons.

Our feeling is that Sypher should also be severely punished for the false rape allegation.  She not only attempts to cause injury to Rick Pitino with the false allegation of such a horrible crime, she undermines all who do suffer from an actual rape.  She does a disservice to men and women alike with this latest crime on top of all the others she’s reported to have committed in this sordid case.

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