The courts are becoming increasingly aware of the prevalence of parental alienation behaviors on the part of misguided, vindictive, and high-conflict parents. Oftentimes, only one parent is engaging in parental alienation behaviors. However, it’s not unusual to see both parents using the children as the rope in their angry, emotional tug-of-war.

There are numerous ways a parent may be actively alienating the children against the targeted parent. Involving the children in adult matters such as; discussing child custody or child support court case details, telling lies or the truth about the reasons for the divorce (blaming the other parent), speaking poorly of the other parent directly to them or while talking with others in proximity to the children, buying their affections, interfering with child custody, and so much more.

It’s not surprising that slowly, judges are hearing and seeing convincing evidence of one parent’s attempts to destroy the relationship between the children and the targeted parent. As a result, the number of decisions that go directly to the child custody orders are being seen in the media.

It’s not news that children are impressionable. When it comes to their parents, few people can leave as deep and last an impression than one’s own parents. This is why parental alienation is so terrible for children. This is why parental alienation is such a despicable act on the part of the alienating parent. A child’s love is virtually unconditional. Their parents are their foundation and the people to whom they first look for guidance and love. When a mother’s or a father’s hatred of their ex-spouse or ex-partner is so all-consuming that they would actively work to destroy the hearts and minds of their own children.

Family court judges are only just beginning to both see and act upon the devastation that can be inflicted on children by a parent engaging in parental alienation.

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