It has come to our attention that the state of Ohio has before both the House and Senate that propose the most comprehensive changes to the child custody laws affecting divorced, separated, and never-married parents.  Introduced in the Ohio State House of Representatives is HB253.  In the Ohio Senate, the bill introduced is SB144 regarding child custody.

Unlike many other states pending bills or recently enacted laws, these proposals are not simply about shared parenting.  These proposals are true equal child custody legislation that addresses all of the usual problems involved in high conflict divorce and child custody litigation – including the prevention of the use of false allegations.

An excerpt from each of the bills is telling:

Except as otherwise provided in section 3109.04 of the Revised Code, in making at any stage of a proceeding any order or decree that allocates parental rights and responsibilities regarding the care of and access to the children of the parents, a court shall grant equal legal and physical access to the parents unless it finds by clear and convincing evidence that equal legal and physical access would be harmful to the children. Whenever a court makes an order or decree that does not provide for equal legal and physical access, it shall explain in writing the reasons for its determination.

These are not unreasonable expectations for any parent or child going through a divorce and child custody situation.

We urge you to support the legislation and if you need assistance in finding your area’s legislators so that you may call and/or write to engage them in discussion and urge the passage of these bills into law, click here and see the left side of the Ohio government website: Find My Ohio State Legislators

For more information on the details of each bill before the Ohio Legislature click below: