Kelly McKenith was pronounced dead at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. The Essex County Corrections officer apparently shot her boyfriend, Lewis Goosby, 3-times, before killing her 4-month old son, Kaire, and finally committing suicide.

Goosby apparently leaped out of a 2nd-story window to escape the attack by his girlfriend.

Sadly, we again express interest and outrage over the portrayal of the criminal mother versus the victim father.

From the article about the killer:

DiVincenzo said McKenith had an exemplary work record, leaving supervisors and colleagues to grasp for answers.

From the article about the victim:

Goosby has a record that includes convictions for drug-dealing, weapons possession and death by auto.

I’m not sure what good comes from expressing sympathy and grasping for excuses when a women attacks and kills while at the same time, denigrating the male victim and target of the violence by printing his criminal history, which apparently has nothing to do with what transpired.

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