Katherine Nadal, a drug abuser, apparently chopped the penis and testicles off of her then 5-week old son and left him for dead.

Although her defense attorney is reportedly going to trot an alleged “expert” out to support her contention that the family dachshund at the genitals off of the infant, leaving nothing but a perfectly square incision devoid of any tearing that one might expect when a dog decides to take a bite of some human flesh.  And nevermind that the animal control officers who examined the dog found no blood or other evidence on or around the dog’s mouth, paws, or any of its fur.  It’s “not her fault.”

The father, Camden Gothia, was at work when the alleged attack and mutilation happened.

From the article:

Holden, who lost half the blood in his 9-pound (4-kilogram) body, survived the attack, but the severed body parts were never found.

If convicted, on the charge of “injury to a child,” a first-degree felony, she faces up to life in prison.

Well, that remains to be seen, but given the prevalence of the “female sentencing discount” in our society today, we would be shocked if she gets more than probation, a fine, and unsupervised visitation with the children who are now in the custody of her sister and brother-in-law after both mother and father relinquished their custody rights.

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