Bucks County, PA Family Court Judge, Diane E. Gibbons, is no stranger to controversy affecting the lives of families and children in some horrifying ways.

When we last spoke of Judge Diane E. Gibbons on this site, she was allegedly violating the civil rights of Anthony Morelli and his children, among others.  By ordering Mr. Morelli to shut down a website he neither owns nor controls, threatening him with incarceration and loss of custody of his children, and failing to hold a fair and meaningful emergency custody hearing for which the proceedings were sought on an emergency basis – it is alleged that the children have had to continue to live with a custodial arrangement that is detrimental to their well-being  To read more about that case:  PA: Father Ordered to Shut Down Blog or Face Incarceration, Loss of Custody.

The latest bizarre ruling from Judge Diane E. Gibbons has, for one child, meant ongoing, very serious and appalling physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse – as alleged by the father of this young girl.

From the Hinterland Gazette article: Bucks County Judge Diane Gibbons Sued for $1 Billion For Racial & Gender Discrimination of Hispanic/American Man in Child Custody Case:

The lawsuit alleges that the judge’s actions continue to cause the minor child to be subject to abuse and irreparable harm despite overwhelming evidence of abuse such as photographs, expert testimony and other reports of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

However, that’s not all. In keeping with Judge Diane E. Gibbons apparent penchant for violating her constituents’ civil rights protected by the United States Constitution, the father, Michael Orozco, also makes such claims and has filed a lawsuit against Judge Diane E. Gibbons in the amount of $1-billion in damages.

From the article:

The lawsuit alleged that the child suffered black eyes, had patterned bruising on legs, burn marks on toes, showed signs of physical neglect and abuse under the care of her biological mother, Fawn Wilson and her boyfriend, Kevin Moyer. It gets worse. There are also allegations that the child was sexually abused and was taken to a hospital after complaining for vaginal itching and burning. Still, the judge didn’t see fit to remove the child from the home.

The allegations of such unspeakable horrors perpetrated against a child are disturbing enough. But it pales in comparison, if proven to be true, that these actions were aided and abetted by Judge Diane E. Gibbons’ ruling, which has apparently been devoid of any common sense, let alone, any remotely generally accepted judicial practice.

From the June 14th, 2011 hearing transcript in the case involving Anthony Morelli (available at savethepsychoexwife.com), Judge Diane E. Gibbons is on the record as follows:

My job isn’t to be loved.  You don’t become a judge because you want everybody to love you.  You don’t become a district attorney because you want everybody to love you.  You do your job to try to protect people.  As district attorney, it was my job to protect the public at large.  As a judge, it is my job to protect these juveniles.

Judge Diane E. Gibbons appears to be failing in her duty on a grand scale.  She’s flouting the U.S. Constitution, the one she’s sworn to uphold, and children are suffering as a result.

The larger question we have and the general public should be asking is – WHY?