We’ve written previously about the significance of Parental Kidnapping (Child Abduction) and just how common a situation it is.  We occasionally touch on specific instances of parental kidnapping and this story is no exception.

Paul Martkainen was caught and arrested this week after taking his son, Luke Finch, from a supervised visitation.  He left the company of the supervisor, Bob Rumble, when he stepped out of the room to use the bathroom.

Martikainen was taken into FBI custody at Fort Myers Beach after being captured by the United States Coast Guard. Authorities said Martikainen abducted Finch and may have been destined for the Yucatan on a 32-foot sailboat. They were discovered about 140 miles southwest of Fort Myers Beach.

From the article:

Rumble said he believes Martikainen let his frustrations over the custody case “get the best of him.”

“As a friend, I was very disappointed that he would choose to do something so foolish. It’s so wrong what he did . . . but I understand the desperateness behind it all I think,” Rumble said. “He’s very, very discouraged with the custody issues. And I think he let that discouragement take over his sensibility. He wanted to be with his child.”

One thing is clear, Martikainen doesn’t have the best past with a criminal history involving drug trafficking in the 1990s and an arrest with subsequent incarceration in a Federal Prison from which he was released in 2003. Additionally, he has been accused of abusing Luke and reports are that Florida’s Department of Children and Families supported the allegation following an investigation – the details of which are not known.

Martikainen faces up to three years in prison, a $250,000 fine and supervised release for a year if he is convicted.

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