After what appears to be a severe case of parental alienation carried out during a parental kidnapping, mother Crystel A. Strelioff has been sentenced to 12-years.  Before anyone can begin to celebrate what appears to be a fairly stiff sentence, in Illinois, the sentences for each charge (4 of them in total) run concurrently.  Therefore, in addition to the time Strelioff has already served in conjunction with the 3-years of sentencing on each count of felony child abduction, Crystel Strelioff may be release in a mere year’s time.

Apparently, the kidnapping mother duped several organizations into helping her to severely alienate the children against their father, Brian Strelioff, who was tested voluntarily and apparently found not to be guilty of anything he was ever falsely accused of.

From the article:

This case is shameful. The mother tricked protective parent organizations such as Justice for Children into spending their time and other resources on a sham case. The father underwent extensive testing voluntarily and the children did not give convincing accounts of any abuse by the father, according to court documents. Worse, the children seemed to the evaluators to have been coached, meaning they suffered verbal and emotional sexual abuse by the people who coached them.

James and Helen Lynn (Crystel’s parents) were apparently granted custody of another child in 2007 despite being declared a risk to the safety of the children, over the objections of the father.

A lot of questions surround the disappearance of the children, and despite this conviction, a lot of serious concerns about the safety and welfare of the children still exist.

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