Ben Roethlisberger, famous quarterback for the World Champions of the NFL – the Pittsburgh Steelers, is another in a long line of famous people that sometimes get caught in the cross-hairs of a false-accuser.

The public doesn’t know the name of this alleged false-accuser because rape shield laws protect both criminals (the false rape accuser) and victims (actual rape victims) just the same.

From the article:

…attorneys for the Steelers quarterback argue that his accuser never filed a police report, boasted of having consensual sex with him, timed the lawsuit to capitalize on media attention…

Meanwhile, the falsely accused target has their name splashed all over the media outlets while their lives come apart with maximum swiftness and efficiency, regardless of the outcome.  Roethlisberger has the resources to survive this extortion attempt.  Most “every Joe’s” who are victims of the false-accuser aren’t so fortunate.

From the full article detailing the latest information on this case: Roethlisberger attorneys go on offensive