Arizona is slated to increase child support levels dramatically – to levels far exceeding some of the worst states in the country.  The details are laid out in a series of posts at Glenn Sacks’ website and covered well by Robert Franklin, Esq.

It appears that the new guidelines up for consideration in the Arizona legislature are expected to result in very significant increases in child support obligations for those with child support orders.  It would also appear that the new methodology behind the potential changes in child support calculations are disconcerting even beyond our already suspect “income shares” methodology currently in place for most states.

Making matters worse, it seems that this issue has been so poorly publicized that very few people are really aware of what is potentially about to take place.  From the articles:

There have been only two poorly publicized public hearings on the guidelines in the four years they’ve been under consideration. Although the state was poised to implement them, word leaked out, a challenge was made and a four-month grace period allowed in which to raise challenges to the new rules. That period will end this October [2010].

Please educate yourselves by reading the following articles:

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Please spread the word to fellow Arizonans – friends, family, neighbors.  Be sure to contact your Arizona state legislators and strongly, but respectfully, voice your opposition to such a change and request that they oppose it, too.  Additionally, you can lodge your own complaints and opposition at the following link:

Arizona Judicial Branch, CSGRC Comment Form

In our current disastrous economy, parents are suffering from job cutbacks and job losses not seen since The Great Depression.  It’s difficult enough for parents to get downward modifications of child support orders when that happens.  A change such as this not only is a disservice to current child support obligors, it will ultimately hurt the very people it purports to want to “help” – the children.