Membership Benefits

Mr Custody Coach and his team help clients, who are currently going through a divorce or continued custody issues, deal with creating custody agreements that work, stopping harassment, and daily communication issues.

Guidance Through:

Custody Evaluations
Custody Agreements
Child Support
Restraining Orders
False Allegations
Parental Alienation
Parallel Parenting
Child Protective Services
Domestic Violence
Contempt of Court

Private Message Boards:

Our staff and other clients are encouraged to share and ask for advice on our message boards. Because they are private you can give details like the state or country you are in, in order to receive the best advice, without fear of your ex reading your message.

Monthly Conference Calls:

Each month we offer conference calls with professionals on topics such as parental alienation where you can ask questions and get advice.


As a member you have first access to all ebooks we publish.

Private Email Custody Coach:

Our platinum membership includes Mr Custody Coach, or one of his team, helping you respond personally to all emails, calls or letters from your ex. This is especially helpful to those in extremely high conflict relationships where the ex is harassing you. You also get personal strategies for dealing with evaluations or complaints that have been filed with the courts by having the ability to submit these documents to Mr Custody Coach for personal review and guaranteed response. This can help you save attorneys fees by having all of the issues laid out in advance, in a written format that will help you and your attorney fight your case.