With the gargantuan size of the child support industry, it almost goes without saying that the system has plenty of people who would seek to take advantage of the flood of money that flows through child support collections offices.

One of several recent reports includes the story out of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office.  In February, Eloisa Garcia Casso pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States as alleged in a second superseding indictment returned by a Laredo federal grand jury on Feb. 1, 2011. This criminal activity was done while Casso was employed in the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General. Casso pleaded guilty to United States District Judge Diana Saldana. Sentencing for Casso is scheduled for May 20, 2011.

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From the FBI’s press release out of the San Antonio, Texas office:

Casso, a former employee of the Texas Attorney General’s Office Child Support Division, illegally obtained identifying information of applicants seeking state assistance during the course of her employment. Casso, along with her co-conspirators, used this information to electronically file false Form 1040 tax returns on behalf of victims, directing the fraudulent income tax refunds to bank accounts that she either owned or had access to. Casso admitted to receiving or attempting to receive in excess of $80,000 during the course of the conspiracy which spanned from January 2001 through March 2005.

Where there is a wealth of money under the oversight of our government entities, there will surely be people ready to steal from the till.  Texas Attorney General prides himself on rounding up fathers who are behind in their child support and enjoys publicizing their names.  Meanwhile, people under his charge are stealing from the child support division.  It took an FBI investigation for anything to be done about it.

While you’ll find plenty of information about how Greg Abbott’s office is seeking public help in finding people behind on child support, publishing their names in the paper, and how seriously he takes these efforts, you’ll find scant little information about employees who are stealing tens-of-thousands of dollars out of his very own child support division.