Having an excellent attorney is almost mandatory in high conflict custody cases, but paying your attorney for every problem you need to deal with can add up fast. Having a custody coach and tools at your disposal to study the custody and support statues can significantly lower the time your attorney needs to spend on your case.

Mr Custody Coach helps clients research and prepare common letters and responses in order to save time having your attorney simply review the materials rather than having them create them from scratch.

Custody agreements in high conflict cases are almost always useless when prepared from standard agreements that are not written for parents that literally can’t talk to each other. Attorneys and the court systems believe the parents will do what is in the best interest of the children, but this is rarely the case. That’s why we see clients that continually have to go back to court to get their custody agreement changed in order to stop the conflict, stop the alienation, and stop the harassment.

When you create a custody agreement that solves these issues the first time, you don’t have to pay your attorney to continually be changing the agreement and going to court to fight for your rights. Honestly, most attorneys don’t have a lot of experience with truly high conflict cases, or with clients that may be up against someone with a mental illness that encourages more conflict like a personality disorder. Mr Custody Coach is specifically geared towards helping clients in extremely negative custody cases. Learn more about membership options here.