Our research into ways to assist in improving your divorce and custody circumstances has led us to Our Family Wizard.

Improvements can always be made, even long after the filing of the divorce decree, parenting agreement, or child custody order. A myriad of ways, both known and as yet undiscovered, exist to improve your family life whether your divorce acrimony has settled into a working co-parenting arrangement with your ex-husband/ex-wife – or remains high-conflict despite the passage of time.

With the Our Family Wizard program, you have a wealth of life management tools available at your fingertips.  It keeps contact at appropriate levels, creates objective evidence that may be used in future court actions, and helps to minimize conflict.

  • Coordinate parenting time agreements, child custody orders, and associated schedules.
  • Document agreed-upon changes to the custodial arrangements, providing objective evidence and an audit trail in the event of future disputes.
  • Update the other parent regarding children’s extracurricular activities, holidays, school projects, etc. as appropriate.
  • No-spam secure message-sending interface.
  • Private or shared journal options.
  • Document shared expenses (required by court order or otherwise) with objective evidence and an audit trail.
  • Share and update family health history, including records, immunizations, school updates, virtual file cabinet, and more as appropriate for your specific situation.

This Our Family Wizard program has so gained in popularity that family court systems all over the United States are mandating its use in order to help minimize conflict, eliminate he-said/she-said situations during litigation, and help to keep parents out of the courtroom whenever possible.

Our Family Wizard program goes well beyond the basic divorce software and calendar offers from other organizations. It is a comprehensive a life and family management tools system that comes with our recommendation.

So, if you’re ready to make some improvements in your post-divorce and child custody communications, please click here to give it a look and a try: Our Family Wizard