Another case where a parent kidnaps her children to a foreign country.  This time, it’s India and there is no extradition for such an offense.

We’ve previously highlighted the case of Christopher Savoie, currently incarcerated in Japan for trying to retrieve his children, kidnapped by his ex-wife.  Japan is not a party to the Hague Convention and will be unlikely to return the children to Christopher, who has custody of the children in the United States.

In this case, Sreelatha Nair reportedly told her husband, Madhu Nair that she and and their young son would be going to India “for vacation.”  (This is eerily similar to what happened in the Savoie case.)  That was in 2007.  He hasn’t seen the child since.

From the article:

Sreelatha Nair is believed to be in India with her young boy who is either three or four years old.

If captured and convicted, she faces up to 3-years in prison. Our guess is that she isn’t coming back and isn’t likely to face any such sanctions.

To see the full story: Former Honeoye-Falls woman indicted on international parental kidnapping


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