Mother of 3, Sharon Hinojosa, allegedly deliberately set fire to her boyfriend’s home. Shockingly, the intended target of her rage, boyfriend Justin Whisler, escaped injury. However, her two children (not fathered by Whisler) daughter Alayna Hinojosa, 3, and son Anthony Hinojosa, 4 – burned to death in the inferno. Sharon Hinojosa apparently escaped with a 1-year old son who is the son of Justin Whisler.

From the article, Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy commented:

“This should send chills up the spine of every person. I can’t imagine the abject horror of the last seconds of their young lives,”

The 29-year old Hinojosa is facing charges of arson, second-degree murder, and felony murder, the latter being defined as “murder committed during the commission  of another crime.” She faces a maximum penalty is life in prison.

Reportedly, Sharon and Justin were in the process of breaking up their relationship and speculation is that is what prompted Sharon Hinojosa to take such horrific action.

At some point after the crime, Sharon drank rubbing alcohol, perhaps in an effort to take her own life, and was hospitalized.  Her condition is not life-threatening and a judge may have to go to the hospital in order to complete her arraignment on the charges against her.

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