Interestingly enough, the open line of this People article makes a quip about Shaq “throwing a brick” when it comes to marriage.  I guess it’s too hard to believe that perhaps his wife, Va’shaundya O’Neal has “committed a foul” with how this situation has been handled so far.

We’ll get to watch another high-profile divorce and custody battle unfold in the media, and Va’shaundya has fired the opening salvo by making this a “move-away” case. She moved herself and their 4 children; Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me’arah to California and filed for divorce and sole custody there. Unfortunately for Va’shaundya, the state of California has a 6-months residency requirement when it comes to divorce and custody matters. Her few days of residency fails to meet this requirement.

It will be interesting to see how Shaquille O’Neal and his legal team approach this situation.  As residents of Florida, he can expect that his home state will retain jurisdiction over the family matter should he decide to pursue it there.

From the article:

Further complicating matters is his wife’s claims of residency in California, which has a more generous community-property divorce law than Florida. She reportedly flew out to L.A. recently, and claimed herself a resident of California on Nov. 8, a day before the separation papers were filed.

We’ll see how solid the prenuptial agreement between the two is and if it holds up. Obviously, her move appears to be motivated by maximizing the amount of money she stands to gain by separating the children from their father.

At the down-side of his career, Shaq has opportunities most fathers don’t have in life – and that is to be a full-time father to the children, perhaps as early as the end of this season.  It will be interesting to find out what role Shaq is permitted to play by the Family Court Industry.  Stay tuned…

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