5-year-old Shaniya Davis’ body was found in a wooded area in North Carolina.  Her mother, Antoinette Davis, is charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse.  Allegations have surfaced that the mother had offered her daughter for sex in exchange for money.

Sadly, it was her father, Bradley Lockhart, who offered to allow mother Antoinette Davis an opportunity  be involved in raising her after doing it himself solo for many years.

From the article:

Lockhart told The Associated Press on Saturday that he and Davis never argued about him raising Shaniya, and Cumberland County courts had no record of a custody dispute. He described his relationship with Davis as a “one-night stand” and said he did not know McNeill.

Sadly, this decision will prove to be a regretful one. It would seem his heart was in the right place and made the voluntary adjustment to the custody arrangement after discovering that Antoinette Davis had steady work and a good living arrangements.

In addition to the arrest and charges against Antoinette Davis, authorities have charged 29-year-old Mario Andrette McNeill with kidnapping. The authorities apparently have surveillance video from a hotel camera in Sanford that shows McNeill with young Shaniya.

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