In what could best be described as a disappointing delay regarding the reunification of Ricky Chekevdia with his father, Michael Chekevdia – Franklin County Circuit Judge Kyle Vantrease denied Mr. Chekevdia’s request to take immediate custody of his son.

From the article:

Vantrease scheduled a Nov. 23 hearing to resolve the custody issue, suggesting that by then the boy’s progress in counseling and efforts backed by state child-welfare workers to reunify him with his dad could be measured. Until then, the boy will remain with a relative of Michael Chekevdia’s in Marion.

Michael Chekevdia won custody of his son shortly before his ex-girlfriend, Shannon Wilfong, mother of the boy kidnapped and hid the child from those searching for him for 2-years. Despite the long separation, the state will keep Ricky and his father apart until at least November of this year.

The father has been subjected to repeated false allegations of abuse.  Mr. Chekevdia has repeatedly denied the accusations and has been backed-up by state child-welfare workers.

From the article:

Michael Chekevdia has rejected allegations of abuse, as did state child-welfare officials and the judge in court Tuesday. “I absolutely have no concerns about the father,” testified Jan McGraw, a state child-protection supervisor.

It would appear that the child has suffered from significant parental alienation during his abduction as the boy referred to his father as “a monster” after being discovered by authorities who descended on the home of Shannon Wilfong’s parents, who are also charged in the case.

The child is suffering from several issues regarding education and social skills in addition to the parental alienation.

Shannon Wilfong is charged with felony child abduction.  The child’s grandmother, Diane Dobbs, is charged with aiding and abetting.

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