For the next three weeks, Lee Block and I will be discussing parental alienation on our jointly authored Post Divorce Points of View Column at her website: The Post-Divorce Chronicles.  An excerpt from this week’s installment on parental alienation:

There is no doubt that children can be influenced and trained to do things, say things, and behave a certain way. After all, our job as parents is to teach them how to do things and instill in them certain beliefs about humanity, knowing and doing right from wrong, teaching them their ABCs and 123s, and so on. Imagine what happens to a child when they are taught that it is “right” to hate their other parent. Imagine what happens to a child when they are rewarded with snacks, toys, gifts, or worse – love – for behaving this way towards another parent. It’s devastating. Children aren’t born with an inherent ability to resist being taught to hate. Catch them young enough… (read more)

Please feel free to share your viewpoints in our comments section or tell your story of parental alienation.  Thank you for reading and for your feedback.