Lee Block and I will continue our parental alienation discussion via our jointly authored Post Divorce Points of View Column at her website: The Post-Divorce Chronicles. An excerpt from our Part II installment on parental alienation:

In additional to false accusations of abuse, parental alienation tactics are frequently evident in high conflict child custody matters. When an alienator places children in the middle of disagreements between the parents, a child is forced into a situation where they have to choose between the parents. Any child will tell you (active parental alienation or not) that being caught in a situation between parents may be one of the most terrifying situations they’ve ever been in. If they do choose, it’s simply a defense mechanism for the kids. It is a form of self-protection. If the spend the large majority of their time with the alienating parent, it’s in the child’s best interests to side with them. It’s not unusual for a child to suffer punishment at the hands of the alienating parent, especially if they show or verbalize any affection towards the targeted parent.  (Read more…)

Lee and I approach our presentation of how parental alienation manifests itself from separate angles.  This offers you a well-rounded view of what signs may be indicative that post-divorce parental alienation could be underway.

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