In today’s edition of the joint Post Divorce Points of View column by Michael Ambrose and Lee Block, they discuss the state of marriage today and how the institution of marriage is adversely affected by a host of societal issues. Have laws, the problems with the family court and child custody issues, and the ease with which divorce can now be obtained conspiring to destroy marriage as we’ve known it? An excerpt:

There are a wealth of articles out there that intimate that the reason men are steering clear of marriage is due to their “inability to grow up” – most of these articles are from women who are unhappy about their marital prospects or speaking for those who feel the same way. That’s easy to claim because it satisfies their desire to claim that men just want to remain children/adolescents for longer periods of time.

(Continuing…) In talking with many men on my own accord, I can tell with absolute certainty, to a man, that is 100% of them – simply don’t want the risks associated with the above list of information. That list is a short list. The deck is so stacked against them that even men with a desire to have children and help to raise children – are simply opting out. Chances are, their wives will initiate a divorce, even with no reason at all. Chances are they will lose access to their children. Chances are that they will lose half or more of everything that they’ve worked for in their adult lives.  (More…)

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