The first in a series of articles covering the wide array of topics with which most divorced parents will eventually contend on some level. This new co-authored column, Post-Divorce Points of View, offers the insights of a both a divorced father and a divorced mother on each. An excerpt from our first collaboration:

I leave you with these final thoughts. Another common rant of child support receiving mothers is this:

He’s only fighting for more child custody so he has to pay less child support!

This notion is absurd on two fronts.

1. If the child support he’s paying you now isn’t enough to cover the basic expenses as is so often argued, then your claim makes no sense as having more child custody will be more costly to him than simply paying his court-ordered child support.

2. You can’t argue that he is trying for more child custody to reduce child support without also saying (without saying) that you’re fighting against his having more child custody to maximize child support.

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