We are excited to hear that the Pennsylvania Legislature has reintroduced House Bill  463, thanks to Representative Robert E. Belfanti.

Representative Belfanti has reintroduce the bill which he sponsored late in the last session (2007-2008; HB 2685). It would help if you please contact your state representative and encourage their co-sponsorship of the reintroduced bill, HB463. If you don’t know who your representative is, please visit the following link to identify your representative and their contact information: Find your Pennsylvania State Legislator.

We support all legislation that would offer a rebuttal presumption of shared custody of the children in a post-divorce or other split with your partner with whom you’ve had children.  It’s the biggest step any state could take to reduce the use of children as weapons and financial incentives when the family unit has broken down irretrievably.

Please support this bill and help to end the madness that usually takes place in family court.