While the murder of her 2-year old son and the attempted murder of her older son are just about egregious a series of crimes as there can be, we still can’t help but notice the absence of the words “child abuse” and/or “domestic violence” in this story.

That said, Michelle Kehoe received consecutive sentences for first-degree murder and attempted murder and concurrent sentences on attempted murder and child endangerment.

Kehoe methodically planned and carried out the heinous throat slashing of her two children, the older one surviving overnight in a van having been left for dead. She allegedly was trying to save them from a life of suffering, despite the unspeakable horror and suffering she created as a result of her actions.

In addition to the prison sentences, Michelle Kehoe is prohibited from having contact with her surviving son for a period of five years.

From the article:

Against the wishes of Kehoe’s husband, Judge Bruce Zager also granted an extension of the prosecution’s request for a no-contact order, which prohibits Kehoe from contacting her surviving son or anyone with whom he lives.

We’re alarmed by the husband’s desire to allow contact to remain between the woman who slit the throats of their children.  However, we certainly agree that not subjecting him to continued contact with his murdering mother is probably best for his long-term psychological health and recovery process.

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