Forgive the hokey math reference.  It is intended to show another family with children divorcing and the zero representing the losses associated with it.  For Jon and Kate Gosselin, arbitration may finally be putting an end to their marriage and avert a major public custody battle.  At the very least, if they are truly able to accomplish the latter, the children will have some benefit in a crazy “reality television” world that has dominated their lives.

The reality television show’s season ends, perhaps for good.  It would seem from reports that their marriage will officially end as soon as the end of the year.

Neither side has operated with any measure of grace in their highly public life.  Kate is seen as a controlling and abusive wife and that much was clearly evident if you watched any of the show.  Her verbal tirades towards Jon and sometimes the children were enough to make anyone cringe.  Jon’s behavior in the aftermath of the split from Kate was certainly less than smart, particularly if Jon expected to obtain any meaningful custody of the children.

I suppose this is the type of fallout that is to be expected when you have a successful reality television series while at the same time having a less-than-successful relationship involving children.

From the article:

After meeting face-to-face for five hours this weekend, Jon and Kate have agreed on the fate of their eight. Kate gets primary custody of the kids. They’re hammering out how to split their assets, but neither wants alimony, according to published reports.

Pennsylvania’s divorce law calls for equitable distribution for all assets accrued during the course of the marriage. There is an expectation that a 50/50 split of the assets, or something close to it, will result. If they want to minimize the negativity surrounding the children, they should make this an easy process.

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