Another in a long-line of high-profile divorce and custody cases, comes Janine Lindemulder’s fight to obtain custody of her daughter, Sunny James, from father Jesse James.

Sunny has been in the custody of father Jesse James and his wife, Sandra Bullock for the better part of the last year while Janine was serving a stint in prison for tax evasion.  Her history of adult films aside, the genuine and legitimate concerns involve Janine’s lengthy history of drug abuse, criminal behavior, and her current husband, Jeremy Aiken – an ex-felon with previous convictions involving guns, alcohol, and the manufacture of narcotics.  Not good for a mother who has struggled mightily with substance abuse issues.

While we would like to think that all of those factors point to a slam-dunk case to award custody of Sunny to Jesse James, anything can happen in family court.  Still, most experts believe that Janine Lindemulder has a tough road ahead when it comes to securing custody of the daughter.

In addition to the family court system recognizing what’s best for Sunny and keeping her out of such a potentially volatile home situation with mother Janine Lindemulder and step-father Jeremy Aiken, we would love to see the mainstream and tabloid media refrain from writing headlines which indicate that Sandra Bullock is fighting for custody of Sunny James.  While we have no doubt that Bullock is lovingly and dutifully supporting both Jesse and Sunny, call the case what it is… Jesse James vs. Janine Lindemulder.