Our tag line – “Better Prepared, Better Outcome” – says it all.  This is what our resources are here to provide you. Divorce and Family Court matters can be a devastating time for any family – emotionally, mentally, and even physically.  It also gets extremely expensive in a hurry.

Today’s attorneys, if you can afford to retain one, have hourly rates of $150, $250, $500 per hour or more! A single hour of consultation with an attorney can cost upwards of $500. A single day in court can cost around $3,000, maybe more! It’s important for you to realize that  you’re not going to have a single child custody or child support conference. You’re not going to have just one child custody or child support hearing. You’ll likely have at least one child custody evaluation.  These realities are almost a given if you’re involved in litigation with a high-conflict ex-spouse.

We are first and foremost pro-children. We believe all children deserve both parents in their lives as much as possible, unless there are serious, demonstrable issues which prevent one parent from providing a healthy, stable, and loving environment for the children.  This environment needs to be one where the children are encouraged to love and be loved by both parents.

We offer a view few judges rarely experience in full. For attorneys, custody evaluators, guardians ad-litem, and judges, a custody case effectively ends with their decision.  Or, they’ll make multiple decisions over the course of time if you’re repeatedly going back to court to resolve matters between you and your ex-partner regarding child custody.  They make a ruling and walk away with nary a care as to how clients can, and do, go against the orders they have handed down. There are simply too many cases on the docket for this to be otherwise.  They don’t have to deal with the ongoing parental alienation the children hear as soon as the losing parent goes home. Nor do they hear about the withheld phone calls due to a parents anger, the hundreds of e-mails, the voice-mails and direct confrontations, or the false allegations of abuse. That is until, of course, one party files a petition and once again returns to court. When a judge gets tired of “frequent filers” – they now have parenting coordinators to whom they hand-off particularly annoying litigants.

We hope that by sharing the knowledge of our collective experiences and research, we will help promote a positive change for you and save you a lot of financial waste along the journey.

We now include and will continue to offer:

* Advice columns (from us and other experts)
* Workshops
* Teleconferences
* Letter & email writing assistance
* Court order review & analysis
* Book reviews
* Tales from the real world
* Articles with review & analysis
* Legal referrals
* News
* Links to other important resources and more

It is our hope that our shared experiences, ideas, suggestions, and insights will be helpful to you, your loved ones, and those who love you as you work your way through your unique situation.

The assistance we offer is only good provided you are completely honest and forthright about your circumstances. Your privacy is maintained and respected. You may feel free to share as much detail as you can in order to get the best coaching possible from those who will offer it regarding your child custody situation.

We realize that these issues are not gender-specific.  We also hope that you understand that our guidance is intended to help you obtain and retain the maximum amount of parenting time with your children. With that in mind, please do stay around because we know the information we offer is helpful to everyone.