There is nothing worse than opening your door to find a CPS worker after someone has made a false allegation of abuse against you, oh, unless an ex CPS worker actually makes the false allegations.

Grizelda Lopez-Hess made an anonymous call to the Texas Family and Protective Services claiming Ricardo Jimenez was molesting the daughter of the woman he was dating.  The CPS investigation found the allegations to be untrue and uncovered the motivation for the call: to get back at Jimenez’s girlfriend for transferring Lopez-Hess’ husband to the property crimes division at his place of work. The call took place the same day her husband was transferred.

Sadly, CPS receives calls every day, especially from couples involved in custody disputes making false allegations against their ex in order to make their custody case stronger.

As Jimenez is finding out, even when the allegations are proven false, it can affect careers and personal lives. It’s atypical to find prosecutors going after people that make false allegations, and even more rare to see jail time imposed, usually under the misguided notion that people will be scared to report suspected abuse in the future.