This is not very surprising news.  This excerpt out of New Jersey shows that when there isn’t a “pot of gold” at the end of the proverbial rainbow – people don’t divorce.  Since women initiate more than 75% of all divorces, oftentimes without the husband ever suspecting it, often gain the most financially at the end of the divorce – it’s no surprise that when there isn’t as big a payoff, marriage remains their safe haven.

From the article:

The number of new divorce cases filed in New Jersey during the first six months of the year fell 9 percent compared with the same period a year ago.

I’m fairly certain that when the economy turns around, bank accounts and retirement accounts start to fatten-up again, and everything appears to be on stable ground financial… the initiation of no-fault divorces and fights over the children for the almighty dollar will resume full-speed ahead.

For the full article: N.J.’s divorce rate declines in recession