Another in the never-ending parade of high profile celebrity divorce and child custody battles closes a chapter.  Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller divorce became final this week, roughly six months after the petition for divorce was filed.

A financial and child support agreement (or child support order) was finalized between the two as well.  Reportedly, the terms are as follows:

– Brooke Mueller receives a lump-sum payment of approximately $750,000

– Brooke Mueller receives a payment of $1,000,000 for her entitlement associated with the marital home.

– Brooke Mueller receives $55,000 per month in “child support.”

– Apparently, there is a stipulation in the child support order that the children born of their marriage will never receive less child support than the children born of Charlie Sheen’s marriage to Denise Richards.

Aside from a another astounding figure that is being called “child support” to the tune of $55,000 monthly, this entire mess has proven to be a trainwreck of epic proportions.  While the hottest spot light is being directed at Charlie Sheen’s antics, and rightfully so, we can’t help but think that both he and Brooke Mueller are likely equally unworthy of being parents to these innocent children right now.  Which is why the child custody judge’s comments and concerns defy explanation.

Judge Hank Goldberg, from Los Angeles Superior Court, said awarding child custody to an equally erratic and substance abusing Brooke Mueller was “in the best interest of the children” because of “questions of abuse and other inflammatory and emotional issues.”

Interesting is his choice of the words “questions of” and not “proof of.”  While we agree that Charlie Sheen’s behavior has been over-the-top alarming, by all accounts the children were happy and healthy in his custody until (and since) his break with the producers of his hit television show Two and a Half Men.

The judge was aware that Brooke had had a drug relapse but is said to have been equally disturbed by Charlie bragging about his substance abuse.

Both have a history of violent behavior.  Both have a history of substance abuse.  Both are of questionable parental fitness right now and perhaps for the foreseeable future.  Still, we’re baffled by the choice the judge has made and stating on the record that it’s in the best interests of the children to take the children from one violent substance abuser and place them with another violent substance abuser.

Further, recent reports of Brooke Mueller trying to pawn valuable items at a pawn shop has to cast doubt on her ability to manage the “child support” money that has been pouring in.  One can only guess where all of that money, intended to support the children, is going so fast that she would need to be taking items to a pawn shop for cash.

A tragedy for the children no matter how you look at it.