In what we  hope will be the first of many such findings of fact which will result in overhauls in the way the Domestic Violence Industry operates all over the United States – this week in West Virginia, a decision was rendered in the lawsuit involving Men and Women Against Discrimination (MAWAD) versus The Family Protection Services Board of West Virginia.

Judge James C. Stucky’s ruling, which can be read in it’s entirety at the link at the bottom of this article, asserted findings of fact and conclusions of law – declaring several rules of the West Virginia Family Protection Services Board null and void. The rules addressed are significant as they pronounce that the way DV funding is administered in within the state is effectively unlawful.

One of several critical items from the ruling:

The Legislature has expressed a clear intention to provide licensure and funding of perpetrator intervention programs that are gender-neutral; the Board, acting on its own, has ignored this intent and created a gender specific program that includes only men and excludes all women.

The full ruling can be found on the American Coalition of Father’s and Children website: Judge James C. Stucky’s Ruling